Premenstrual breast tenderness may cause infertility

Many infertile women have breast tenderness, long-term phenomenon, and their often estrogen and progesterone imbalances, abnormal secretion of prolactin also, there are many breast cancer patients suffering from tumors in their first 2 to 3 years have breast tenderness without giving due attention to the phenomenon.

Most of premenstrual breast tenderness in 3 to 5 days before menstruation, severe cases may be two weeks after menstruation, about the onset of ovulation, some pain involved to the armpit, and even the nipple is also pain, systemic symptoms as well mild edema, headache, insomnia, irritability, mood swings, backache, abdominal pain, defecation is not smooth and so on. Until after menstruation, the symptoms disappeared, and so repeatedly occur once every month, if not properly addressed, more and more serious over time easily lead to other diseases, the most common is breast hyperplasia, breast fibrous tumors or cysts. Menstrual disorders and thus gradually, by the amount of rare, is followed by infertility.

Study found that many of the infertility patients Jieyou severe premenstrual breast pain, breast tenderness when cured by medicine, the follow on pregnant! As Miss Wei thirty-year-old, has always been in good health until after 3 years of marriage irregular menstruation, menstrual sometimes come early, sometimes late years, each about ten days before the start by breast tenderness, implicated to the axillary lancinating, more comfortable after small abdominal distension exhaust, 3 years, not pregnant, a lot of long faces spots, usually in a bad mood, work pressure, poor sleep, chest, nausea, mouth pain, stomach pain and so on. The TCM diagnosis is liver qi stagnation breast tenderness, Bupleurum plain, white peony root, Citrus aurantium, Poria, Zeeland, Angelica, such as addition and subtraction Albizia Bugan liver and blood gas, every other month to reduce breast pain, the body does not Shu are reduced, then gradually menstrual rules, after a pregnant, recently produced, mother and child are safe!

Chinese believe that the possession of the breast is the stomach, the liver is the government nipple. Therefore, all breast hypoplasia or breast disease or atrophy, are modulating from the liver and stomach, according to different conditions prescribe the right medicine, and often will be good effect. The treatment of this disease are as follows:

(A) of the liver qi stagnation: the majority of these women have a history of poor emotional or excessive stress of life, in addition to breast nipple pain can not touch the outside, with irritability, chest, ribs throbbing, irritability, nausea , abdominal pain on both sides, menstrual blood clot color black clip, sex mismatch, long face, dark spots and so on. Treatment should be regulating liver qi and stomach, commonly used drugs have aggregata, turmeric, bergamot, white peony, blue, white technique, malt, Passepartout and so on.

(B) of the liver spleen wet: the common symptoms of premenstrual breast pain, tenderness, obviously, lower abdominal pain with a sense of falling, poor appetite, weakness, easy to diarrhea, vaginal discharge usually much more pale menstrual flow, etc. therapy to the spleen qi dampness, commonly used drugs have Poria, Atractylodes, yi, Magnolia, Toosendan, Albizia and so on.

(C) of the liver and kidney: in addition to breast tenderness, these women outside the regular Fanre, restless sleep, headache, dizziness, dysphoria hot, lips red, tongue easily ulceration, frail eat no fat, backache, knee weakness and so on. Treatment should Kidney and Liver, commonly used drugs are Radix, Radix, habitat, Toosendan, Cyperus rotundus, white peony root, salvia, Zeeland and so on.

Treatment of this disease, should be sustained, the medication is in prime time begins when premenstrual breast swelling medication until the pain disappeared through to, so conditioning the three menstrual cycles, most of the breast tenderness will heal. It is worth mentioning that, breast tenderness, in addition to medication, the more important thing is to maintain optimism and avoid often angry or sulking, usually more exercise and participate in appropriate social activities, eating less salt in the week before menstruation and spicy food stimulation This will achieve maximum results with the medication!